LA Chargers: Stopping Travis Kelce and the 5 keys to beating the Chiefs

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(Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

5. Get creative on offense

The LA Chargers offense didn’t perform as it should’ve against the Bengals. Going further than the standard “good or bad” analysis though, it seemed like it was flat and uninspired.

Where were the designed runs for Taylor? Bill Belichick made sure that the Patriots had some in their scheme for Cam Newton. The only times Taylor ran were when he had no other choice but to escape the pocket. The Chiefs have never gone against the Chargers with a mobile quarterback since…Doug Flutie? Make them worry about Taylor’s athleticism.

All offseason long the Chargers talked about using Joe Reed as a new version of Percy Harvin. They played him for three snaps on Sunday. Oh, and not to mention, he sparked the offense with a 45+ yard kick return. Where’s the trickery with him, or any other Charger for that matter? End arounds? Jet sweeps?

Again, my belief is that the Chargers were intentionally playing conservative against the Bengals, and it will take a month before the offense is fully tuned up without a preseason. The Bengals are beatable with conservative offense, but the Chiefs aren’t.

Taylor can be a game manager and the offense still can be inventive. The Chargers only used one screen on Sunday to Hunter Henry. There were no screens or movement to get Ekeler open with his speed in space.

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There are so many more plays and schemes that Steichen can open up for the team on top of what I just mentioned, but the point has been made. Show the Chiefs things they haven’t seen. Open up that playbook and let it rip.