LA Chargers: Bolt Beat’s 2020 season predictions roundtable

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(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

8. Look into your crystal ball. What’s the LA Chargers’ final 2020 record?

Faustino Felix: While I’m usually optimistic doing LA Chargers’ record predictions (I predicted 12-4 last year), this year is not the same as others. Even with his woes last year, Philip Rivers is a quarterback who can put a team on his shoulders. Taylor probably raises the team’s floor but cuts its ceiling. My prediction would be 8-8, with a chance to go over .500 if things go right.

Steven Haglund: I have the Chargers at 8-8 this season. I went way too bold last year and am erring on the side of caution this year. The depth on the offensive line is improved, but if Bulaga or Turner miss any extended time, the Chargers are in trouble.

The same applies to the secondary now without James. The team still has the talent to win 10 games, maybe 11 if everything goes their way. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that they go 7-9. So I’ll go right in the middle at 8-8 and a small chance at the playoffs. Go Bolts!

Devon Auriemma: 9-7. The Chargers schedule ranks inside the top 10 for lowest opponent win percentage from last season. With their elite defense and numerous playmakers on offense, this team could win between eight to ten games this season. They definitely have a good chance at the playoffs.

Alexander Insdorf: As I mentioned earlier, I was thinking 10-6 or 11-5 for this team, but there’s a couple of factors that make me a little more cautious. Injuries are going to happen to players at some point, as we’ve already seen with James. Other than that, there’s just a lot of uncertainty with a lot of players that haven’t played together before. For example, Taylor has never played with this group on offense for a whole game.

The lack of an offseason and the variability of a COVID 19 season have me leaning towards 9-7.

Jason Reed: The number that has followed me around ALL offseason is 8-8. I really do think this is a team that floats around .500 all season, beats the teams they should beat (for the most part) and loses to the teams they are supposed to lose to (for the most part).

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