LA Chargers Roster: 3 positions with the most concern post-cuts

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LA Chargers (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
LA Chargers (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) /

3. Wide receiver

This might not be what you expected to see considering the LA Chargers have one of the best receivers in the league in Keenan Allen and a 1,000-yard partner alongside him in Mike Williams that makes up one of the best receiver duos in the league.

The concern with the receiving room, and it is not really a problem, just a concern, is that there is no tangible NFL experience behind Allen and Williams. With Williams potentially getting hurt, that lack of experience could be exposed.

Now, that does not mean it is a surefire thing to get exposed. Joe Reed, Jalen Guyton or even K.J. Hill could prove to be hugely impactful guys behind Williams. We just cannot expect that to be a guarantee since they are not high-round draft picks and Guyton has never been more than a fringe roster guy.

When both Allen and Williams are healthy this probably won’t even matter. The passing targets are going to go down as a whole and the Chargers have two other great weapons in other areas in Hunter Henry and Austin Ekeler.

However, I still would not be fully comfortable with the team’s depth at the wide receiver position until I see in action. Until then, it absolutely is fair to have some concerns behind Allen and Williams.

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Those concerns are amplified whenever a prominent target is hurt. Hopefully, that does not become an issue.