The LA Chargers’ options if Derwin James’ injury is serious

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Derwin James of the LA Chargers (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
Derwin James of the LA Chargers (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) /

Derwin James suffered an injury during the LA Chargers’ practice on Sunday.

Here we go again. Fans of the LA Chargers know what it feels like to lose a big contributor to injury and the familiar feeling has returned as Derwin James hurt himself in the team’s practice on Sunday.

James walked off of the field during practice gripping his leg and looking frustrated and it was later confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that James strained his hamstring. At the time of writing this, the severity is still unknown.

This is better than James re-injuring his fractured foot but it is still a bit concerning considering that James missed 11 games last season.

With the Chargers’ first game exactly two weeks away, there is a chance that James could miss time. If so, and if the injury is more severe than we hope, what can the LA Chargers do?

Option one: Sign Earl Thomas

This is the first thing that might have jumped into many fans’ minds but there is a former All-Pro safety who played with defensive coordinator Gus Bradley that is on the market. Earl Thomas was released from the Baltimore Ravens after an altercation with Chuck Clark in which he punched Clark in the face.

Thomas was expected to have several suitors but nothing has yet happened. Does this open the door for Thomas to join another exciting defense?

Theoretically, it could, but I am pretty doubtful that this is going to happen. The Chargers are a team that has built a foundation on accountability and leadership and bringing Thomas in after what just happened so close to the season is not something that typically fits the Bolts’ M-O.

However, they could surprise us and because of the connection to Bradley, I would not completely rule it out.