LA Chargers: 3 keys to make the NFL Playoffs in 2020

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(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. The production of the offensive line

The offensive line has to be better in 2020. If you read my work here at Bolt Beat then you have heard this a thousand times: it is true that Tyrod Taylor is playing with the best weapons of his career but he is also potentially playing behind the worst offensive of his career.

If there are two things that do not mix well it is a scrambling quarterback and a shoddy offensive line. As talented as Tyrod his and as exciting as it is to see how he will play on this offense, he will not lead the Chargers to the playoffs if the offensive line is as bad or worse than it was last year.

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There is some hope that the Chargers can be better with the addition of Bryan Bulaga and Trai Turner but it is far from a guarantee. Everyone on the offensive line outside of Bulaga is a question mark and could easily end up disappointing.

Of course, the reverse can be said and the offensive line could play to the best of its abilities, which would probably put it in the 11-15 ranking in the league.

However, if that does not happen, it is very possible that the Chargers have a bottom-five offensive line in the league. That is going to make it harder to operate in this run-first offense and will create more turnovers.

Which, as we know, was a huge problem last season.