LA Chargers: 4 facts about the Bolts that we wish weren’t true

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(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Some facts about the LA Chargers are not flattering.

Before we jump into this lighthearted article, we want to shed light on what is important right now. The LA Chargers canceled their scrimmage on Thursday at SoFi Stadium to send a message in solidarity with the rest of professional sports: we want change. The sports world is experiencing a monumental moment in time.

Expectations are somewhat high for the LA Chargers heading into the 2020 season. The team is coming off of a very disappointing 2019 campaign and the only direction to go is up. The front office did a great job in making some new additions and the team underwent a change at quarterback and is running with Tyrod Taylor in 2020.

While there are a lot of great things about the LA Chargers and trust me, we will tell you about them all the time here at Bolt Beat, there are also some not-so-flattering statistics that we wish were fiction, not fact.

Also, we have to give a quick shoutout to our FanSided sister site, The Viking Age, for coming up with this idea. If you have any Viking fans in your life, send them their way.

1. The LA Chargers got the short end of the stick with 2020 schedule

This is not a fact about the team itself and simply just some sheer misfortune. The Chargers got some really poor scheduling luck and that is going to impact their win-loss record this season.

Whether it is having to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints in back-to-back weeks, on the road, or the constant overall travel, the Chargers simply got the short end of the stick.

Their three toughest out of division games (Saints, Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills) are all on the road. And while there may not be fans, it is still a west coast team traveling east, which historically is not great. Also, they have to play in Miami, where the team historically struggles.

Compare that to a team like the Denver Broncos, whose three hardest out-of-division games are all at home, and it seems a bit unfair.