LA Chargers: Five takeaways from Hard Knocks episode 3

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(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. Melvin Ingram’s “hold in”

Chargers fans saw the Melvin Ingram situation play out on social media last week, but we got more details and footage from camp in this episode. Ingram decided to “hold in” as opposed to the traditional holdout.

He still attended team meetings, went through walkthroughs, and was at the facility. While he was waiting for contractual changes, Ingram was about as professional as he could’ve been.

Ingram’s veteran presence is necessary on this team. He always loves talking to everyone on the team. We saw a sequence of Ingram talking to a lot of players on the field, trying to give them whatever advice he could on how they could get better. Quarterback coach Pep Hamilton pointed out just how important his leadership was in an intimate conversation with No. 54.

Sure enough, Ingram gets what he wanted in contractual negotiations with the Chargers. A fully guaranteed contract was given to Ingram for the 2020 season. Previously, there was no guaranteed money on his 2020 contract.

It’s clear that everyone on the Chargers respects Ingram. Joey Bosa mentioned that he hopes the Chargers keep Ingram past this season. Lynn and Giff Smith discussed how impressed they were with Ingram’s hold in plan that kept him engaged with the team:

Chargers' coaching staff loves Melvin Ingram even during his contract dilemma. "He truly wants to start and finish in the same organization," defensive line coach Giff Smith told Anthony Lynn on #HardKnocks. Ingram has one year left on his deal. He has the coaches on his side

— Gilbert Manzano (@GManzano24) August 26, 2020

Time will tell if Ingram stays with the Chargers in 2021 or not, but things seem to be heading in the right direction. Personally, I’d love to see him stay as a Charger for life.

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Ingram brought his best once he got his contract. He knocked Hunter Henry on his butt and told him to get in the weight room. In a play that would end a scrimmage, Ingram picked off Justin Herbert to seal the deal. In his own words, “That’s why I need that guaranteed ass money”.

Fans that follow Ingram on social media have also seen his rapping ability. There was an emphasis on studio Mel this episode, as he showed off his passion for rapping as a way to get things off of his chest.