LA Chargers: Five takeaways from Hard Knocks episode 3

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. Keenan Allen vs. Chris Harris

This was by far my favorite segment of Hard Knocks to date. After being rivals for so long (seven years to be exact), we finally got to see Allen and Chris Harris on the same team. We got a few sequences of their previous beefs and match-ups. The press conference where Allen said Harris “can’t hold his jockstrap” was shown again with footage of their previous battles.

Philip Rivers’ interceptions to Harris were also shown in the clip. Harris in Broncos’ orange says he is Phil’s “kryptonite”. I still firmly believe it was time to move on from Rivers at the quarterback position, but it would’ve been so interesting to see Rivers and Harris on the same team.

Allen even specifically mentions how fun it would’ve been “if Phil was here” to see Harris in Charger blue. The trash-talking that would have taken place would’ve been prime Hard Knocks material.

Allen and Harris went at each other quite a few times in practice, with both seemingly being pretty even against each other. Harris was able to knock the ball away a few times while Allen got some quality releases on the veteran cornerback. Put him in a blender, Keenan:

Keenan Allen shaking Chris Harris hard #HardKnocks

— Jordan Dajani (@JordanDajani) August 26, 2020

Allen and Harris seem to be acclimating to being on the same team. Both are getting friendlier by the day, but there are still some moments where they remind me of the argument scene from “Sorry to Bother You”.