LA Chargers: Guaranteeing Melvin Ingram’s salary sends a message

LA Chargers (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
LA Chargers (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The LA Chargers sent the right message by guaranteeing Melvin Ingram’s 2020 salary.

Melvin Ingram had been “holding in” the beginning of LA Chargers training camp. Ingram was there and in the building but was not participating in practice reps, instead standing on the sideline and almost acting as a coach.

That created immediate speculation and a feeling of “here we go again” after Melvin Gordon’s holdout last season. However, this proved to be completely different and is a situation that already has been taken care of.

Ingram’s full 2020 salary of $14 million was not guaranteed on his contract and that was the source of the hold-in. Luckily, per Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, both sides came to an agreement on Friday that guarantees Ingram’s 2020 salary.

This is a big deal for multiple reasons. First, this is fantastic for Ingram, as now if the 2020 season does get postponed or canceled from the COVID-19 pandemic, he will get all of his money, something that would not happen if it was not guaranteed.

Plus, it is nice knowing that you are going to get paid for the number that you signed on the dotted line for no matter what. Ingram has earned that. Who cares if something happens and it is a “wasted” $14 million. The Chargers are a billion-dollar sports franchise.

It is also a big deal for the team, though, as the LA Chargers are sending an important message.

The LA Chargers are going to take care of their players

This has been something that has not always been the best for the Chargers. There definitely have been times, like any NFL team, where the franchise ruined its relationship with players because of the ways things were handled behind the scenes (ever heard of Eric Weddle?).

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This guaranteed money, on top of the record-setting contract extension given to Joey Bosa, proves that the Chargers are committed to taking care of their players and wants to keep this unit around.

This could have two effects. First, this very well could lead to Ingram understanding that he is in the latter stages of his career and sacrifice a few million to stay on the Chargers on a team-friendly deal.

While it is doubtful that Ingram will turn down a big offer from elsewhere, this does help the chances of Ingram making a decision that is based more on just money.

The other effect is that it should make Charger fans hopeful that they can work something out with Keenan Allen. The team was willing to give Ingram what he wanted, was willing to sign an unprecedented extension with Joey Bosa and should be willing to sign Allen to the kind of contract he is worth.

Two months ago we could be legitimately concerned if the Chargers would even want to pay a pretty penny for any of these players. Now, because of the way this situation was handled, I like the chances of Allen staying with the team long-term.

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This is just good business all-around. Charger fans should be ecstatic that this did not turn into something that it did not have to be.