LA Chargers: Players who are helped/hurt by new offensive gameplan

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(Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The LA Chargers are going to have a much different looking offensive gameplan.

The LA Chargers have a change under center with Tyrod Taylor likely starting most of the games this season with Philip Rivers now on the Indianapolis Colts. As a result, the Chargers are going to have a completely new offense.

Gone will be the days a pocket gunslinger with limited mobility and in will be the days of the offense having a lot more moving parts, highlighted by a quarterback that can escape the pocket and make things happen.

This change is naturally going to benefit some of the players on the LA Chargers, but is will also hurt some as well. Here are the four players that we think it will affect the most and whether it hurts or helps them.

Austin Ekeler: Helps

Austin Ekeler benefitted from Philip Rivers’ tendency to throw the ball to running backs and he might be hurt slightly in that regard as he will simply have fewer targets than before. However, this offense is primed to look similar to a Cam Newton Carolina Panthers offense, with Ekeler essentially being the Christian McCaffrey of the offense.

Ekeler, especially with Melvin Gordon out of town, is going to get more carries than he has in his career and is still going to be a reliable outlet pass for Taylor. Taylor is not known as someone who is going to let it rip deep very often, so the outlet in Ekeler is likely going to be used a lot.

An offensive with a lot of moving parts benefits a smaller, shifty running back like Austin Ekeler. I expect a big year from Ekeler with plenty of highlights.