LA Chargers: 3 things to watch for on first episode of Hard Knocks

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(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. How Justin Herbert interacts with his LA Chargers teammates, particularly Tyrod Taylor

The LA Chargers’ biggest open secret heading into training camp is that Tyrod Taylor is going to undoubtedly be the starting quarterback in Week 1. Anthony Lynn has said that the two quarterbacks will compete for the job and that Tyrod is favored, but it is pretty clear that it is going to be Tyrod barring an injury.

The team is high on Tyrod and it is valuable to give a rookie quarterback one year to learn the ropes and get accustomed to the NFL way. It will be very interesting to see Herbert’s first real taste of the NFL way in training camp and how he interacts with his teammates.

It can be particularly daunting to take over for a long-time quarterback like Philip Rivers and it will be very interesting to see if Herbert clicks with the likes of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Hunter Henry right away or if there will be any sort of learning curve.

His relationship with Taylor is going to be the most interesting and important. Taylor is the quarterback tasked with taking Herbert under his wing and teaching him the NFL way as the Chargers do not have a veteran backup to do that.

Will Tyrod embrace this mentor role or will his energy be spent more towards winning the job and keeping the job? It is going to be very interesting to watch and we will get our first taste of that dynamic right away in episode one.