LA Chargers: Hunter Henry names the underrated stars of Hard Knocks


Hunter Henry provides the underrated stars to watch on the LA Chargers’ season of Hard Knocks.

The LA Chargers are appearing on this year’s season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which airs its first episode on Tuesday, August 11. The Chargers are “sharing” the season with the Los Angeles Rams as both teams enter a new era at SoFi Stadium in the most unique Hard Knocks season to date because of COVID-19.

This is an extremely exciting thing for Charger fans, as they get a deeper look at their team in the biggest transition year in franchise history, not just because of the move into SoFi, but because of the departure of Philip Rivers.

Chargers tight end Hunter Henry appeared on the popular Pardon My Take podcast on Friday and named the underrated stars on the team that are going to shine the brightest with the cameras rolling.

Henry provided two people to watch for on Hard Knocks that are going to be entertaining: recently extended star defensive end Joey Bosa and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

“I am excited for people to see Joey [Bosa] a little bit more. He doesn’t show much personality but this dude is just hilarious, like everything he says is hilarious,” Henry said. “A coach that has a lot of energy is Gus Bradley, our defensive coordinator. He has a great personality, hilarious.”

Joey Bosa has shown his personality in flashes with the LA Chargers

It is safe to say that non-Charger fans might not realize or appreciate just how funny Joey Bosa is but Charger fans have gotten a peak behind the curtain already and know that Bosa is one of the funniest guys on the team.

There is no better source material for this than when Bosa has been mic’d up during games, especially when he forgets that he was mic’d up to begin with. He was mic’d up last year during training camp and those three minutes were great, I cannot wait to see him over a full Hard Knocks season.

We also cannot forget when Bosa was shown thew LA Chargers jerseys and he swore that they were not going to get a good reaction out of him only for him to have one of the best reactions out of anyone to see the jerseys beforehand.

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Joey Bosa is already a big name, especially after his record-setting extension. Hunter Henry might be right and Bosa might just blossom into a relatable star after this year of Hard Knocks.