LA Chargers: Who will be the best Chargers rookie in 2020?

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Ranking LA Chargers rookies on 2020 impact: 1. Kenneth Murray

This really is not a shocker as Kenneth Murray was a first-round pick for the LA Chargers but he is going to be the most impactful rookie for the team. I think Murray is going to be one of the best defensive rookies in the league and is going to be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

I do not think he will ultimately win the award as there is a guy by the name of Chase Young that is going to terrorize opposing quarterbacks as well as defensive freak Isaiah Simmons, who is going to make plenty of highlight-reel defensive plays.

Murray is going to be up there though and he is going to make his fair share of highlight-reel plays. Murray is a hard-nosed, down-field tackler that is going to blow up a few scrambling quarterbacks and screens and I cannot wait as a fan to see that happen.

Murray is going to be so impactful for the Chargers because he is going to help fix the worst part of the defense: the run defense. The Chargers are not terrible in stopping the run, but is has been the one aspect of the defense that is hurting the team.

Murray is someone that is going to plug running lanes and keep runs from breaking to the second level. His impact on the running game can help turn the Chargers defense from great to elite.

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By the time the 2020 season is finished, I have a really good feeling that Murray is going to be one of the biggest fan-favorites on the LA Chargers.