LA Chargers Mailbag: Will the team regret not signing Cam Newton?


Our latest LA Chargers mailbag includes Cam Newton, Joey Bosa and more.

Not too much has happened since our last LA Chargers mailbag over a month ago. We are in the dog days of summer and the biggest Chargers-related news that has happened since then was the confirmation of the Chargers being featured on “Hard Knocks”.

However, there has been a lot of NFL news pertaining to training camp. There are no preseason games but camp is still projected to go ahead as scheduled starting next week, as long as the league gets the green light from the players.

With camp potentially a week away, we thought it would be a good time to answer some of your LA Chargers’ related questions.

LA Chargers Mailbag:

“Will not signing Cam Newton be the Chargers’ biggest regret this year?” – @MorOfUsThanThem

Whether or not the LA Chargers should sign Cam Newton was a big debate among Charger fans. On one hand, Newton is coming off of multiple injuries and was not that great last time we saw him. On the other hand, he was a cheap quarterback option that potentially had a higher ceiling than Tyrod Taylor.

Personally, I fell on the side of saying “why not?” with Cam Newton. However, with that being said, I do not think the Chargers are going to regret not signing him.

The team certainly had the chance to do so and Anthony Lynn is obviously very bullish on Taylor. Even if Taylor does not pan out and Newton plays great I do not think the Bolts will regret their decision as they are betting on their guy.

The only way I see them actually regretting not signing Newton would be if he is in the MVP race, which is doubtful.

“What possible position changes do you see happen this season?” – @jadenhester_17

Desmond King is the obvious one as he is likely going to take up more of an Adrian Phillips-type role in the defense and Forrest Lamp moving to left tackle is another possibility. Maybe they play Bryan Bulaga at left tackle instead of right tackle.

In terms of bonafide position changes that is about it. Sure, we will see some members of the defense lining up in different positions, but it will not be a full-out position change.

“Do you foresee Linval Joseph having bounce-back year, or was last year with the Vikes as a sign of things to come?” – @I_Jonny_

Linval Joseph posted a 71.2 overall grade on Pro Football Focus last season, making his last two seasons his worst since his first two seasons in the league.

To be frank, I do not think we are going to see Joseph return to his Pro Bowl form. He is on the wrong side of 30 with a lot of miles under his legs.

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However, I do not think he is going to get worse and I do think we will see a slight improvement from last season just because of the defensive front that he is playing alongside. He will be better than anyone the Chargers had at defensive tackle last season, but not tremendous.

“Will Nasir Adderley play week one?” – @ColbySumner

Will he play? Absolutely. At the very least he will be someone who plays in nickel and dime packages. Quite frankly, and it is a bit of a cheater answer, this is something that will be determined in camp.

He and Rayshawn Jenkins are competing for the starting free safety position. Personally, I would rather see Adderley win the job but I would guess that right now the team is slightly favoring Jenkins after he stepped up last season.

“Does Joey Bosa walk?” – @JoshAlvarez

Charger fans are going to hate this but I have always been pessimistic about Joey Bosa re-signing with the LA Chargers. I do not think he has any sort of personal connection to the franchise, something that someone like Keenan Allen might have, and I think he will take the most money from a contender.

There is speculation that Bosa might hold out if he does not get his extension before the season and I would not be surprised whatsoever if that becomes a reality. I have no inside knowledge on the situation, but we have seen Bosa holdout before and with the weird situation of the 2020 season, it might not be a terrible thing to completely sit out if that is what his plan is.

Simply put: the LA Chargers have to pay him the big bucks and personally, I am pessimistic that they will come to a number that Bosa agrees with.

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Let’s hope I am wrong.