LA Chargers: 5 most intriguing x-factors on the Chargers roster

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(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Most intriguing x-factors on the LA Chargers: WR Joe Reed

Out of the two rookie receivers taken in the 2020 NFL Draft — Joe Reed and K.J. Hill — Reed is absolutely the more intriguing as a potential x-factor in 2020.

I think Hill fits the offensive better and is going to get more playing time as a result. He is a slot receiver on a team that needed a slot receiver. He is not the most athletic, but he is a really good route-runner with sure hands. Where have you heard that comparison before? (hint: Keenan Allen).

Don’t expect Hill to be as good as Allen, he just has a similar skill set. However, with a change at quarterback and a more run-heavy offense, Hill probably won’t put up big numbers as he is going to be the fifth target in the offense.

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Reed, however, impacts the team in two ways. First, he is an excellent kick returner and with the style of offense that the Chargers are going to run, having a great return game is paramount. It often gets overlooked, but Reed could literally decide the outcome of games if he puts together a few great returns.

Reed also has gadget playability, which I am really excited about. End-arounds, wide receiver screens and even lining up as a traditional running back are all possible with Reed, who is fantastic with the ball in his hand and making defenders miss.

I don’t think the overall numbers will jump off the page but I do think that Joe Reed is going to be a walking highlight reel for the LA Chargers in 2020.