LA Chargers: Ranking the new faces by importance to success

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2. Linval Joseph

While Harris has the potential to be the better all-around player for the LA Chargers in 2020, Linval Joseph definitely is more important to the team’s success because of the position that he plays. The nose tackle position really could be the difference between the Chargers having a great defense and an elite one.

We all know that the Chargers are good in stopping the passing attack and at limiting overall points scored, that is great. Where the team really struggled last season was containing teams on third down and allowing drives to prolong.

A big reason why that was the case was the team’s below-average run defense that would often set teams up for short-yardage situations.

While the Chargers have gotten better against the run, it still is the Achilles’ Heel of the defense and is the reason why the team went out and traded up in the draft for Kenneth Murray and brought in a big-bodied nose tackle like Linval Joseph to help bandage the interior of the defensive line.

Not only does he provide help in stopping the run but he also provides help in the pass-rush as well. Teams have to respect Joseph on the inside and that will make life easier for Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, which in turn, also helps the secondary as well.

If Joseph gets hurt and guys like Justin Jones and Jerry Tillery don’t step up then the Chargers are going to be in for a rude awakening with their defense.