LA Chargers: 3 Bold predictions for Tyrod Taylor in 2020

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(Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Tyrod Taylor Bold Prediction Number Two: Career-high in passing yards and more than 3,500.

Taylor is heading into his 10th NFL season. He’s only been the true starter for a team for three of those ten years. His best season, in terms of passing yards, was back in 2015 (his Pro Bowl season) when he barely eclipsed 3,000 yards. That was also his most efficient season, as it was the year he had the fewest passing attempts of his career.

Even though he played for a few head coaches in Buffalo, the game plan seems to have been the same: control the clock and the ball on offense and rely upon a stellar defense. While this plan can work out, and has worked out much better under Sean McDermott than under Rex Ryan, it unfortunately doesn’t lead to a ton of quarterback production.

That being said, the Bills knew how to play to Taylor’s strengths of efficiency and mobility. Each season his rushing attempts went down and his passing attempts went up. In that Pro Bowl season, he only had 380 pass attempts, which points to the high level of efficiency I mentioned.

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The volume just wasn’t there in Buffalo. In his three seasons as a starter for the Bills, he averaged 412 pass attempts. Over that last three seasons, Philip Rivers averaged 558 pass attempts under Lynn’s offense.

There’s no way Taylor gets to that kind of volume, especially as the team transitions into a more run-oriented offense, but I do believe that the number of pass attempts will be somewhere in between what Taylor averaged in Buffalo and what Rivers averaged in LA.

If he can get to 475 pass attempts on the season, and boost his 7.2 yards per attempt average up a few ticks he should be able to get to 3,500 passing yards or more. With the full trust of the coaching staff and frankly a better supporting cast around him, Taylor could be in for a career year.

Maybe he doesn’t get to 3,500 yards but I fully expect him to at least surpass his career-high of 3,035 yards set in 2015.

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