LA Chargers Madden 21 ratings: Where they got it right and wrong

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The “too high” Madden 21 ratings on the LA Chargers:

We have to be realistic and point out the players that are probably rated 3+ overall points higher than they really should be rated. This is not to say these players are bad but their namesakes might have carried them to a higher overall rating that they should have gotten.

Luckily, there are only two players that fit this billing, both of which are new faces on the LA Chargers roster as well.

Bryan Bulaga — 88 overall

Bryan Bulaga was the best signing of the offseason and that might seem to contradict the fact that his Madden 21 rating is too high. The problem with Bulaga is how he compares to his peers with how good he really is. He is a much-needed shot in the arm to the Chargers’ offensive line, but he is not worthy of an 88.

An 88 rating makes Bulaga the fourth-highest-rated right tackle in the game. Bulaga is a top-10 right tackle for sure, but I would not say he is the fourth-best right tackle in the league.

I personally would put Bulaga in the Trent Brown/Mike McGlinchey area of the ratings, slotting him in as an 85-86.

Chris Harris — 87 overall

Chris Harris is one of the most well-known corners in the league and was one of the best defensive players of the 2010s. The problem with his rating is that EA seemed to value his namesake more than his actual production last season.

Harris posted a 69.9 overall grade and 66.8 pass-coverage on Pro Football Focus last season — both being the worst grades of his career.

He is also on the wrong side of 30, so I do not think he should get the benefit of the doubt and get as high of a rating as 87. Could he rebound on the LA Chargers in a different role on a stacked defense? Absolutely. But just like the game should not rate Mike Williams on the prediction that he will regress, they should not rate Harris on the prediction that he could bounce back.

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Joe Haden, who posted similar numbers on PFF, is an 83 overall. Realistically, that is probably where Harris belongs with his rating.