LA Chargers Madden 21 ratings: Where they got it right and wrong

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(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

We know how good the LA Chargers are going to be in EA’s NFL Madden 21.

The LA Chargers are heading into a season unlike any other. Not only is there a global pandemic that is shaping the way the season might play out, but the team itself is undergoing a massive culture change with the departure of Philip Rivers under center.

This is one of the most interesting seasons in franchise history because of that change, making the Chargers one of the most interesting teams to use in EA’s NFL Madden 21.

On paper, the Chargers seem to have one of the most all-round talented teams in the league. They have so many playmakers on the defensive side of the football that is going to make this defense fun to watch while having countless weapons on the offensive side to move the chains.

The one question mark around the team, which will ultimately determine its success, is the quarterback position. Aside from that big variable, the rest of the Chargers’ roster is solid and seems easy to rate for the developers over at EA.

With just over a month until the release date of the game (August 25th), we now know exactly how the Chargers’ roster shapes out in terms of ratings. Some players got too high of ratings, some got too low and other superstars on the team were rated just right.

You can find the team’s complete ratings here, but in this article, we break down just where EA got things right and where they got them wrong.