Chargers countdown to 2020: Best Bolts player to wear No. 58

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS LINEBACKER LEWIS BUSH #55 (Mandatory Credit: Getty Images) /

With the Chargers’ 2020 campaign now just 58 days away, who is the best player in franchise history to wear No. 58?

The Los Angeles Chargers have had some great linebackers over the years, and Bolt Beat’s countdown to the start of the 2020 regular season is right in the middle of some noteworthy names.

One of those names was former Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Donnie Edwards, who was the easy selection for the best player in franchise history to wear No. 59. The Hall of Famer, Junior Seau, is only a few days away, too.

Now, Los Angeles is just 58 days away from its Week 1 road opener versus rookie quarterback Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, so it’s time we try finding the best player in Chargers history to have work No. 58.

Surprisingly, considering the team’s history with great linebackers, there aren’t a lot of top-tier names. Randall Godfrey had three productive years with the team in the mid 2000s. Mike Green‘s three-year career in San Diego looked promising enough before he was out of the league.

But they don’t get the nod here. Instead, it’s someone else known for more longevity with the franchise than anything else.

The best No. 58 in Los Angeles Chargers history: Lewis Bush

His career might not have been of the eye-popping variety. But the Chargers had some pretty good teams in the mid 1990s when linebacker Lewis Bush was kicking off his pro career, and fans from that era shouldn’t have too many difficulties remembering him.

Bush came to San Diego by the way of Washington State in Round 4 of the 1993 NFL Draft. His first two years in the league were spent mostly as a reserve and special teams ace, which included the Chargers’ Super Bowl appearance against the San Francisco 49ers.

In 1995, Bush would become a regular starter and would play alongside Seau for the next five years before spending the last three seasons of his pro career with the Chiefs.

During his San Diego tenure, Bush would record 334 tackles, 19 tackles for a loss, four forced fumbles, four sacks and two interceptions.

Bush would later go on to become a radio voice before Chargers games on San Diego’s KIOZ after his pro career.

Sadly, Bush passed away at the age of 42 years old.

While Bush was largely overshadowed by Seau, he managed to be a key part of some solid defenses during his tenure, saw a Super Bowl and was a starter during San Diego’s playoff run during the 1995 season.

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And if you’re looking at the best in team history to wear No. 58, Bush is it.