Members of LA Chargers roster that could make Chargers Hall of Fame

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(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Possible future inductee into the LA Chargers Hall of Fame: Joey Bosa

It is harder to make Joey Bosa’s case than it is for Keenan Allen. While Bosa is great, he has not racked up the total numbers that warrant induction into the Chargers Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, Allen could have one more 1,200-yard season, leave the Chargers and still have a good case to make.

Whether or not Bosa gets enshrined in the Chargers Hall of Fame depends on if he re-signs with the team after the 2020 season. Bosa and Allen are the two headlining free agents after this season and if Bosa sticks around for another 5-6 years then he will most likely become one of the greatest pass-rushers, if not the greatest, in team history.

The crazy thing about Bosa is that he turns 25 (tomorrow at the time of writing this) and still arguably has not hit his prime. As long as he stays healthy, another 6-7 years (2020 on top of a new contract) could produce some eye-popping numbers.

In his three healthy seasons thus far Bosa has averaged 11.5 sacks. Let’s say that over the next six years he averages 12 sacks, as he will be slightly better in his prime but then eventually level off some towards the end of his new contract.

That would put him at a career total of 112 sacks at just 30 years old. At that point, he would already be the Chargers all-time leader in sacks, surpassing Leslie O’Neal’s 105.5 sacks with the Chargers.

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There is a lot depending on it, but if the LA Chargers are able to re-sign Bosa, he might just punch his ticket to the Chargers Hall of Fame.