LA Chargers: The four variables that will determine offensive line success

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Second LA Chargers’ offensive line variable: Whether or not Forrest Lamp or Dan Feeney can vastly improve in 2020

We mentioned Forrest Lamp as a potential option for the left tackle position but I do not think that happens, personally. With depth in Sam Tevi, Trenton Scott and Storm Norton, Lamp is better off used in the interior to provide depth (or even a starting option) at the guard position.

The left guard position is essentially between Lamp and Dan Feeney and the hope is that the competition between the two will lead to one of the players stepping up and playing better than they have been thus far.

The favorite to do that would be Lamp, as he has a higher ceiling as a second-round draft pick and really has not gotten his chance to establish himself in the league due to injuries.

However, at some point, you kind of are who you are in the NFL and it can be a bit overly-optimistic to assume that one of these two players is going to take a big leap in 2020 after showing us years of film that suggests otherwise.

It is still a variable, mostly because of Lamp’s health, but I still would not expect that great of play at the left guard position in 2020. If the variable does swing towards the unlikely it will be a huge addition that moves the Bolts’ offensive line more towards league-average.