LA Chargers News: Justin Herbert’s ‘Madden 21’ rating revealed


LA Chargers News: The rookie quarterbacks have their ‘Madden 21’ ratings revealed.

The latest bit of LA Chargers news comes in the digital setting, as those that enjoy the ‘Madden’ video game series know just how good rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is going to be in the latest installment of the game.

Herbert was selected with the sixth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and is one of several rookie quarterbacks whose ratings were revealed by EA Sports on Thursday.

The most notable quarterbacks whose ratings were revealed were first overall pick Joe Burrow, fifth overall pick Tua Tagovailoa, 26th overall pick Jordan Love, second-round pick Jalen Hurts and fourth-round pick Jacob Eason.

Despite being the third quarterback taken in the draft, though, Justin Herbert does not have the third-highest rating.

LA Chargers News: Justin Herbert gets a 70 overall rating on ‘Madden 21’

The issue with Justin Herbert’s rating is not that he is only a 70 overall because that is completely fair. Joe Burrow is a 76 overall and Tua Tagovailoa is a 73 overall.

We see it every year with every rookie that comes into the game: their ratings start off low to allow room for growth. While Burrow or Tua might play like an 85 in 2020, ‘Madden’ is never going to give a rookie a rating that high.

That is why they update the ratings weekly. Putting Herbert at a 70 overall is absolutely fair as he is probably not even going to start in 2020.

The problem with Herbert’s rating is that Jordan Love is the third-highest-rated rookie quarterback. Love was given a 71 rating by ‘Madden” despite being selected 20 spots lower than Herbert and also being someone who is not going to play in 2020.

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Heck, Herbert is going to get the started nod on the LA Chargers before Love gets the starting nod on the Green Bay Packers. I get that Love had some exciting tape and that some Charger fans even wanted Love over Herbert, but there is no reason for why he should have a higher rating.

Herbert has better ratings than Love in a lot of the key areas as well. The only big advantage that Love has in the quarterback ratings is he has four better throw under pressure, two better medium accuracy and five better deep accuracy.

Somehow he has significantly better deep accuracy despite having two less throw power than Herbert. Not only that, but the main concern around Love is his accuracy and his tendency to throw interceptions, so how can he be viewed as more accurate than Herbert?

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Here is where Herbert stands with some notable ratings: 83 short accuracy, 78 medium accuracy, 76 deep accuracy, 84 play-action, 92 throw power, 78 throw under pressure, 82 speed and 88 injury.