LA Chargers: Predicting the top 25 players in 2020 by PFF grade

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(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LA Chargers top 25 players, numbers 3-1:

3. CB Casey Hayward, 86-87

Casey Hayward has quietly been one of the best and most consistent cornerbacks in all of football and has not received the widespread love that he deserves. This prediction actually has Hayward jumping up a bit from an 83 grade in 2019, but there are reasons behind that.

The primary reason is that Hayward is going to have more help in the secondary that is going to have an overall impact on the defense, especially in zone schemes. Having Derwin James back and healthy as well as a solid tandem of Adderley and Jenkins will be huge. Adding Chris Harris is big as well.

I think this will be Hayward’s last great prime year and it will be a really good one.

2. DE Joey Bosa, 90-92

Joey Bosa has had several good seasons where he was in the high 80s but has never reached the 90s on PFF. However, his injured season is the only season in which his grade fell below an 85, showing just how good and consistent Bosa is.

This is going to be a great year for Bosa as he is in a contract year and is going to be looking to earn every penny of that new contract. I expect the best year of Bosa’s career thus far that stil will not be good enough for the number one spot on this list.

1. S Derwin James, 92-94

This is a big jump as even in his better rookie season James only posted an 88.3 grade but I really do think that he is going to be the best player on the LA Chargers in 2020. His versatility in this defense with even more versatile weapons is going to be lethal.

James has all the makings to be the best safety in the league and should be the early favorite to be the best safety of the 2020 decade when it is all said and done.

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Some might be overlooking him because of his injury luck in 2019 but he is going to take that next step in 2020 to cement his status as one of the three best safeties in the league, without question.