LA Chargers Rumors: Reasons for and against a Desmond King trade

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(Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images) – LA Chargers Rumors
(Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images) – LA Chargers Rumors /

Reason against the LA Chargers trading Desmond King: We have seen how good he can be

Desmond King was an All-Pro player not too long ago, 2018 to be exact. While he was not a Pro Bowler, his contributions to the Chargers earned him an All-Pro nod and many were excited to see how King could grow even further in 2019.

He did have a big step back and saying that he was good in 2019 might be an overstatement. There were times where King looked lost in pass coverage and it was not a good look for his stock value, hence why these LA Chargers rumors are happening in the first place.

However, he is going to have a different role in 2020 with the addition of Chris Harris that is going to suit him much more. He is likely going to play something similar to Adrian Phillips’ role on the defense as a safety/linebacker hybrid and he is going to be someone that could help the Chargers anywhere on the field, as long as he is not lined up out wide.

That could have an extremely big impact on how he plays in 2020 as he will not be forced into situations where he does not thrive and instead will get a role that plays more to his strengths, which mostly puts him in nickel and dime packages.

The Chargers are a solid team and I am in the camp of trading assets away if you are looking to rebuild. That is not the case for the Chargers, so unless the team gets a tangible upgrade, it does not make a lot of sense to trade someone who could have a big impact on a team that can make the playoffs.

Teams right on the cusp of the playoffs do not want to get worse. Trading King would have to make the team better now, not just give them draft capital. But that brings up the counterpoint…