LA Chargers: 5 trade options better than the rumored Vikings’ trade

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LA Chargers trade option number four: Carlos Dunlap, Cincinnati Bengals

The Chargers have never had a full season where Ingram and Bosa both stayed healthy all season. With Nwosu around they were able to stay afloat while Ingram was hurt, but that meant opposing offenses were sending double teams Bosa’s way on every single snap. I think Nwosu could develop into a nice player, but I’m not sure if he’s capable of being a true Robin to Bosa’s Batman.

Perhaps, the team was able to strike gold with undrafted free agent Joe Gaziano out of Northwestern but the team does need more depth coming off of the edge. Isaac Rochell had five sacks in 2018 while Bosa was hurt but he only registered one sack last year, and it’s not like he wasn’t playing a lot.

Dunlap is on the tail end of his career but he’s also still very good. He’s registered at least seven sacks every year since 2013. With Dunlap, the team could create a ton of mismatches in passing down situations by putting out a sort of “NASCAR” type package with him, Bosa, Ingram and Nwosu.

That would be a lot of fun to watch and should anything happen to Bosa or Ingram they wouldn’t have to worry because Dunlap would be right there. His contract is manageable and comes with a team option for 2022, so this could basically be a one-year rental. But that could also be the case for King as well.

I’d be ok swapping King and a late-round draft pick for Dunlap and a mid-round draft pick.