LA Chargers: 5 trade options better than the rumored Vikings’ trade

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Chargers trade option number three: Kenny Stills, Houston Texans

The option I am bringing up next is Kenny Stills. The Texans, apart from offensive line help, needed someone to provide them with some Will Fuller insurance so Stills was included along with Laremy Tunsil from Miami.

To his credit, Stills did play very well for Houston last season. He racked up 40 catches for 561 yards and four touchdowns. That’s a solid season for a third option on the team.

After jettisoning Deandre Hopkins to Arizona, the Texans turned around and traded for Brandin Cooks. The problem is that Cooks, Fuller, Stills and their fifth-round draft pick, Isaiah Coulter, are all basically the same player.

They’re all speedy, big play waiting to happen type of receivers. Cooks is probably the best route runner of the bunch but having all four of them is a tad redundant. It’s almost like they needed someone like Hopkins to diversify their wide receiver room…

Stills ran a 4.38 at the NFL Combine in 2013 and over the course of his career he has averaged 9.4 yards per target and 15.5 yards per touch so he does offer some explosiveness after the catch as well as bringing that downfield speed.

The Chargers could use some of that speed on their offense. Stills is a legitimate burner in this league and getting him would open up a lot of things for the Chargers.

It would be really hard for opposing defenses to double team or shift coverage to any one player’s direction when you have Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Kenny Stills as the three main receivers for a team. As an added bonus it would give Williams the opportunity to expand his game even more since he wouldn’t be the team’s only deep threat.

I loved that the Chargers doubled down at the position in the draft with Joe Reed and KJ Hill. I really liked both of those players coming out of college, but with the COVID19 pandemic basically cutting out 75% of the offseason I am a little worried about relying upon them this season.

Stills would give this team a lot of depth in the wide receiver room, and he’s proven he could be a reliable number two should anything happen to Allen or Williams. Who knows if Hill or Reed are able to really step up and fill that kind of role should disaster strike.

For the Texans, they never really replaced what they had in the short time Tyrann Mathieu was in town. They really need someone on defense besides JJ Watt to bring some juice and playmaking and King could certainly provide that.

This trade is a little tricky because the Texans would likely have to throw in a draft pick and they don’t really have any but I like the idea of adding Stills to this Chargers offense. But if the Chargers could get Stills and a fifth-round pick for King, I think I would at least consider that trade.