LA Chargers: Tyrod Taylor’s lifetime record vs. each 2020 opponent

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(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Tyrod Taylor has played 12 of the LA Chargers’ 13 opponents in 2020.

The LA Chargers are undergoing a monumental shift in the franchise heading into the 2020 season, a shift that has not been felt for a decade and a half. The team moved on from the greatest quarterback in franchise history in Philip Rivers and is entering a new era with a new-look offense.

The Chargers drafted Oregon’s Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft with the hopes that he can step up and be the team’s next franchise quarterback. He has big shoes to fill as well, as the last two quarterbacks that the Chargers have taken to start for the team were Drew Brees and Philip Rivers.

Like Rivers, Herbert is going to get his chance to sit for at least one season as all signs are pointing to Tyrod Taylor being the starting quarterback in 2020. He is in the last year of a two-year deal and head coach Anthony Lynn has shown that he is bullish on Taylor as a starting quarterback.

There definitely are mixed opinions about Taylor as the starting quarterback and if you are a frequent reader of Bolt Beat then you know that I personally am not too thrilled about the prospect of it.

However, at the end of the day, Taylor has never had weapons on his offense like the ones that he has on the Chargers and this will present a true chance to test himself.

Luckily for us, Tayor has played all but one of the Chargers’ opponents (the Buffalo Bills) from the 2020 season, so we can break down just how good Taylor has been against the 2020 foes.

Let’s start with the…

LA Chargers’ last place games:

As part of the NFL scheduling, the Chargers will play the two last-place teams in the AFC from the two divisions that they are not playing this year. That means it will be the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tyrod Taylor’s lifetime record vs. the Cincinnati Bengals: 1-1

Taylor played the Bengals in back-to-back years with the Bills and saw a different result each time. He lost his first game against the Bengals in a game in which he was not that great, throwing for just 166 yards with one touchdown and one interception. The Bills only scored 16 points.

The Bills scored the same amount of points the following year in their matchup with the Bengals, except this time walked away with a 16-12 victory. Taylor again threw for exactly 166 yards with no touchdowns and an interception.

Tyrod Taylor’s lifetime record vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-0

This is not counting the lone playoff game that Taylor has in which the Jaguars won one of the ugliest playoff games in recent memory.

Instead, this is regarding the Bills’ 28-21 victory over Jacksonville in 2016. Taylor, ironically, threw for 166 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. He also had a rushing touchdown. If I was a betting man, I woudl bet on Taylor getting 166 yards against the Bengals and Jaguars.

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