LA Chargers News: Bolts are middle of the road in roster rankings


LA Chargers news: The Bolts are right smack in the middle of the league in terms of roster rankings.

The LA Chargers seemingly have one of the best rosters in the NFL. However, the latest Chargers news seems to say otherwise.

The team has one of the best secondaries in the league with names such as Casey Hayward, Chris Harris and Derwin James.

The Bolts also have some of the best pass-catchers in the league as well. Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry and Austin Ekeler provide quite the quartet passing weapons. The New Orleans Saints were the only team in the league last season to have a wide receiver, running back and tight end all in the top-10 in receiving yards for their respective position.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the edge rushers. Joey Bosa is one of the five best defensive ends in the league and is primed for the best year of his career in 2020 while Melvin Ingram is still in the top-15.

Despite all of this, though, the LA Chargers roster fails to be ranked or recognized in the better half of the NFL.

LA Chargers News: Pro Football Focus ranks the Chargers’ roster 16th

Ben Linsey of Pro Football Focus ranked all 32 NFL rosters and the Chargers came right smack dab in the middle. This is fitting, as most projections have the Chargers at 7-9 wins, making them the most middle of the road (projection-wise) team in the league.

Linsey cites the Bolts’ secondary as the biggest strength of the roster, which is absolutely correct. He also cites the left side of the offensive line as the weakest part of the roster, which is also fair. There are plenty of questions both at left tackle and left guard for the team.

Finally, Linsey calls Tyrod Taylor the biggest x-factor, which hits the nail on the head perfectly. If the Chargers have someone like Patrick Mahomes on this roster then they are a 13-3 team. If they have someone like Case Keenum then they are a 6-10 team. Wherever the team finishes in between those two extremes is based on how Taylor plays.

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It is important to note that two of the three AFC West foes ranked ahead of the Chargers on this list. The Denver Broncos came in at 14th with the Kansas City Chiefs ranking fourth behind the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers.

Some other notable teams are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at fifth, who have a better receiving corps but definitely do not have as good of a defense (that is the Tom Brady effect) as the Chargers. Philip Rivers and the Indianapolis Colts (it still hurts to say) come in at 13th.



Las Vegas Raiders come in at 25th, so at least the Chargers are noticeably in front of the Raiders, which is fair.

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Some notable teams that the Chargers are ahead of are the Minnesota Vikings (17th), New England Patriots (18th), Los Angeles Rams (22nd) and Houston Texans (23rd).