Chargers News: Bolts have better odds to have least wins over most wins

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Chargers News: The projections are more negative than positive for the Bolts.

The LA Chargers are heading into one of the most interesting seasons in recent franchise history as the team is undergoing a change at quarterback from Philip Rivers to Tyrod Taylor/Justin Herbert. This seemingly has created mostly negative Chargers news.

While fans are optimistic about what the team has in store for the 2020 season, the projections for the Bolts heading into the 2020 season are not all that great. Pro Football Focus infamously tweeted that the Chargers will have the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft while other projections have the Chargers finishing third in the AFC West.

There are now more odds that have been released that backs the claim that not many seem to be high on the Chargers heading into 2020.

Chargers News: Chargers have better odds to finish with the worst record than the best one

FoxBet released the odds for each team in the NFL finishing with the least number of wins and the most number of wins in 2020 and the favorites for each were quite obvious. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the favorites to finish with the least wins with 3/1 odds while the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to finish with the most wins with 4/1 odds.

The Chargers are much closer to the Jaguars than they are the Chiefs.

The Chargers have the 11th-lowest odds to finish with the worst record in the NFL this season with 25/1 odds, which is not that bad. FoxBet does not project the Chargers to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

However, they really don’t think that the Chargers will be close to the best record, as they have 66/1 odds to finish with the most wins. Despite having the 11th-lowest odds to finish with the worst record, the Chargers actually have the ninth-highest odds to finish with the best record.

Realistically, the Chargers will probably finish right in the middle of the road with a 7-9 to 9-7 record. Personally, I have the Chargers going 8-8 in the 2020 season. Based on their schedule in 2020, and the potential for things to go bad, as they often do in Chargers’ fashion, I would say that I have to agree with the odds.

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The Chargers are known for shooting themselves in the foot and losing games that they are supposed to win. Mix that with the fact that the team did not get any favors in scheduling and I could see a situation in which things snowball in the wrong direction.