LA Chargers: Notable NFL dads/sons that played for the Chargers

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(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

In honor of Father’s Day, we take a look back at some notable LA Chargers dads/sons.

There is something special about a father and a son both playing professional sports. For many, sports presents an opportunity for many for fathers to bond with their sons, teaching and playing the game they love together.

For the average human, this turns into fond memories of childhood that the father and son can look back on that can they be passed on to the next generation. For those that are physically gifted and turn into pro athletes, it can turn into an occupation.

The father/son dynamic in professional sports is one of the best things about the sports that we all love. Seeing the high-level talent be passed down from generation to generation is something special. And when we are lucky, we get to see them playing at the same time, on the same team, a la Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr.

In a few years, we might see the same with LeBron James and his oldest son.

While we have never seen a father and a son play on the same NFL team and we likely never will, there have still been some notable second-generation players in the NFL. Some of which have played for the LA Chargers.

In honor of Father’s Day, we are bringing you the most notable dads that played for the Chargers whose sons made it to the league, or the most notable sons who played for the Chargers, whose dads previously played in the NFL.