LA Chargers: “Steal a Player” series – AFC West edition

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LA Chargers

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

The LA Chargers could get even better with some AFC foes on the roster.

In a new NFL of the future, the LA Chargers get to steal one player from each franchise in the NFL. Here’s who the team should take from their AFC West counterparts.

First off, I’d like to give credit to Justin Fried over on our sister site, The Jet Press, for the “steal a player” idea. If you know any Jets fans, send them over that way for some more great football content.

Here on Bolt Beat, we’ve decided to take the idea and run with it. Not only will we be looking at and stealing players in our own division, but we will be looking to take players from each division in the NFL.

This series will be taking place over the next two weeks, with multiple Bolt Beat contributors stealing players from other divisions with the hopes of creating the best LA Chargers team imaginable.

The rules are simple. One player from each team in the division featured in the article, and all contributors should be aware of what players have been stolen so far to avoid heavy repeats of certain positions. For obvious reasons, offensive linemen, wide receivers, linebackers, and other positions with multiple starters on the field at a time may get repeat selections.

Our first division will be the AFC West. Let’s take a look at who would be stolen from the defending Super Bowl champs, the new team in Las Vegas, and guys way up above sea level.

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