LA Chargers: 17 most memorable moments in Philip Rivers’ career

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(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LA Chargers: Philip Rivers’ most memorable moments, 3-1:

3. His final presser as a Charger, 2019

This is something that will get the tears rolling. If you are a diehard fan of the LA Chargers and are at the age where Philip Rivers is the only Chargers quarterback that you can remember, then Rivers’ last presser with the team at the end of the 2019 season will start the waterworks.

Rivers talked about giving it everything he had every single week for the Chargers and was visibly choked up when discussing the elephant in the room: he would not be a Charger any longer.

It was the last time that we have seen Rivers donning a Charger bolt and will be until his number is retired by the team and he is inducted into football immortality in Canton, Ohio.

2. Comeback win vs. Kansas City, 2018

It might be recency bias, it might be because it came after so many bad years or it might be because we knew the clock was ticking on Philip Rivers. Regardless, the 2018 season was really fun for the LA Chargers and one that I will never forget, even if they fell short in the playoffs.

The most memorable game of that season was the team’s miraculous fourth-quarter comeback against the Chiefs in which the Chargers were trailing by 14 with eight minutes in the game. The team drove down and scored, the defense came up with a huge stop and Philip Rivers and the offense got one last chance.

Rivers made some huge throws in this drive, with the biggest being a perfectly timed fourth-down conversion to Travis Benjamin that, if thrown a half-second earlier or later, likely would not have been a completion.

It was capped all off when Anthony Lynn decided to lay it all out there and go for two and the win, which is when Rivers found a wide-open Mike Williams in the endzone to steal the win.

1. Playing the AFC Championship Game on a torn ACL

This is the epitome of Philip Rivers’ career with the LA Chargers. The closest he ever got to the Super Bowl, he so happened to lose his star running back and tear his ACL, which led to Billy Volek getting the game-winning touchdown sneak in the Divisional Round.

That was not going to deter Rivers, who decided to suit up and play the AFC Championship Game on a torn ACL. He did not play great, the Chargers did not even score a touchdown, but it will forever be remembered by Charger and NFL fans alike.

When our grandkids ask who Philip Rivers was in 40 years, we will tell them all about his legacy and how he was the tough SOB who did not let a torn ACL, which was suffered six days prior, stop him from playing the biggest game of his career.

Next. Grading the 2020 offensive line

Hopefully, Philip Rivers can get another chance at that elusive Super Bowl title with the Colts and not suffer a torn ACL. I think it is safe to say that most LA Chargers fans would be rooting for him.