LA Chargers: Grading the 2020 offensive line

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(Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Final LA Chargers offensive line grade and analysis

It’s an uneven offensive line, but there have been some positive changes. Bulaga is a really solid player who has a real opportunity to make his first Pro Bowl. It’s pretty crazy he hasn’t been selected once in his career already. He’s a significant improvement over Tevi.

Tevi probably won’t be displaced from the starting lineup for too long, as he’s probably the favorite to take over at left tackle. It’s the part of the line I’m most concerned about due to the lack of depth. The development of Pipkins over the course of the season will also be a factor for who eventually starts at the position.

While Michael Schofield was decent enough at right guard, he wasn’t the player that Turner is. The Chargers haven’t had Pro Bowl-caliber guard play in a while, so it will be nice to see that on the field. On the other side though, left guard is still mired in mediocrity, even with some improvement by Feeney. Hopefully, Lamp finally gets a chance to show his potential, but it’s hard to count on that happening.

With the center position, it’s ultimately a test as to whether Pouncey can stay healthy after his season-ending neck injury. If he can stay healthy, the Chargers are in a decent position with the line as a whole. If not, some contingency plans like Quessenberry or Feeney might need to be activated.

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The Chargers have a decent line but have depth issues that concern me. If Pouncey, Turner, or Bulaga are injured for a long period of time, the offensive line could really be in danger pretty quickly. However, the potential for a solid line is there as currently constructed.

LA Chargers overall offensive line grade: B-