LA Chargers: Grading how the new quarterbacks fit with the top receivers

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(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LA Chargers: Joe Reed compatibility grades

Tyrod Taylor and Joe Reed – Compatibility grade: B

Now, the task of grading the compatibility of each quarterback and receiver becomes a bit more difficult as we have not seen what each rookie receiver will be at the NFL level. Joe Reed is a particularly difficult evaluation due to his extreme versatility.

Reed only has experience running a limited route tree, creating a large limitation for his abilities to get open in the short game. However, Reed has experience lining up all over the field as a running back, slot receiver, and wide receiver.

This versatility will give the Chargers the ability to scheme Reed open. In the plays that Reed is not specifically motioned or schemed open, he will be fairly limited as a weapon for Tyrod Taylor.

However, Joe Reed will also be a weapon in the deep passing game in the way that Taylor has utilized in the past. Reed’s excellent (perfect, actually) deep catch rate in college should translate well to the NFL with the accurate Taylor.

One more thing of note: although I rate Reed and Taylor as being more compatible than Mike Williams and Taylor, I do not expect Reed to perform better than Williams this year. Williams’ talent will make up for the relative lack of compatibility on the stat sheet.

Justin Herbert and Joe Reed – Compatibility grade: B+

Of all of the compatibility evaluations, the match of Herbert and Reed is the most difficult to make.

In order to gain confidence at the NFL level, Herbert will need receivers that excel at creating separation. Without having an expansive route-running tree in his arsenal, Reed will struggle to do that when he is not schemed open or using his speed deep.

However, the match between Herbert’s strong arm and Reed’s speed is tantalizing. It is easy to imagine this duo developing into the Chargers’ answer to the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill.

That comparison may be a bit dreamy. While Herbert has the elite arm strength to challenge Mahomes, Reed is not nearly as speedy or well developed as Hill. Reed has great top-end speed, but he needs to develop better acceleration to be the deep threat that Herbert needs.

In the short term, that speed will give Herbert a few easy plays short. In the long term, that could develop into much more.

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