LA Chargers: Keenan Allen snubbed from being a top-50 player

Wide receiver Keenan Allen #13 of the Los Angeles Chargers(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Wide receiver Keenan Allen #13 of the Los Angeles Chargers(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

LA Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is not getting the love that he deserves.

Pro Football Focus is currently revealing their top-50 players in the league heading into the 2020 season and at the time of writing this, the LA Chargers have three players that cracked the top 50.

PFF has revealed numbers 50-11 on their Twitter account and will probably release the top-10 in article format. Even though they are not done counting down the list, we cannot help but notice that one Charger, in particular, has been snubbed from the list.

That Charger is Keenan Allen, who has been one of the best and most consistent receivers in the league over the last three seasons and absolutely deserves to be in the top 50.

Sure, the list is not yet complete, but with spots 50-11 all revealed, I think it is safe to say that Allen did not make the cut.

How we know that Keenan Allen missed the cut:

There is just no way that Keenan Allen makes the top-10 players list. As much as I love Keenan, the next-best receiver was Tyreek Hill, who was ranked 22nd. I doubt that PFF would rank Allen as high as the top 10 and Hill 22nd, even if you do believe that Allen is better than Hill.

If I had to take a guess at the top-10 list heading into next season, I would predict the following players (in no particular order) make the cut.

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Lamar Jackson
  3. Russell Wilson
  4. Christian McCaffrey
  5. Derrick Henry
  6. Quenton Nelson
  7. Michael Thomas
  8. Julio Jones
  9. DeAndre Hopkins
  10. Aaron Donald

It is fair to have these 10 (projected) players in the top-10 and I by no means am arguing that Keenan Allen should be considered a top-10 player in the league. However, it is absolutely ridiculous that he did not crack the top-50 list.

Over the last three seasons, Allen is fourth among receivers in receiving yards and third in receptions. His touchdowns are low at 18 but his consistency as one of the best receivers in the league over the last three seasons should have snagged him a spot on the list.

I get that the list is the top players heading into 2020, so part of that is based on projections, but c’mon now. They ranked Chris Godwin as the 33rd-best player. I have no problem with him being in the top 50, but if he is ranked 33rd then Allen absolutely deserves to be on the list.

An even better example is Davante Adams, as Godwin does have the youth advantage in his corner. Allen and Adams are the same age and over the last three seasons, Allen has 520 more receiving yards and 35 more receptions. Granted, Adams has the scoring advantage with 10 more touchdowns.

Adams ranks 38th on the list. Mike Evans is also listed 45th on the list and has 79 fewer receptions, 106 fewer receiving yards and only three more touchdowns. If Adams and Evans make the list, how doesn’t Allen?

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At the end of the day, it does not really matter, as Allen not being on this list does not make him a worse receiver for the LA Chargers. It is a bit bewildering, though, how he could be left off of this list entirely.