LA Chargers: 4 Keys to being a winning team in 2020

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LA Chargers’ keys to be a winning team: 1. The offensive line

We could have gone with the easy answer at number one and cited the thing that lost so many games last season: turnovers. However, instead of that simply being the first key, we decided to explore the reason why the Chargers may or may not succeed in that department.

Every team wants to limit turnovers so the Chargers are not unique in that regard. Granted, the Chargers are trying to shake some bad habits that other teams might not have, but is is a no-brainer that the team wants to limit the interceptions in particular and will do that with Tyrod Taylor.

Well, the team will be able to do that with Tyrod Taylor if the offensive line holds up.

We explored this in a stand-alone article already that gets more into the statistics behind it but Taylor has never been behind a bad offensive line. In the short amount of time where he was pressured often, in Cleveland, he plays terribly.

Granted, it was a small sample size, but Taylor’s numbers under pressure are not as good and his turnover rate particularly spikes up.

If this Tyrod Taylor thing is going to work for the 2020 season then offensive line coach James Campen absolutely has to get all of his guys on the same page and get them to play up to their potential and at least be an average offensive line, if not a great one.

If not, the turnover issues will strike again.