LA Chargers: The best trade in team history with the Buffalo Bills


The LA Chargers and Buffalo Bills do not have a notable trade history.

You could draw several comparisons between the LA Chargers and Buffalo Bills right now. Both have stellar defenses and the Chargers have the Bills’ former quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, as well as their former offensive coordinator, Anthony Lynn.

The two have squared off against each other quite a lot in recent years as well. The two teams play in 2020 and it will be the fourth time since 2014, and the third time since 2017, that the two teams square off.

Of course, one of the most infamous games in recent NFL history occurred in this matchup when Nathan Peterman completed five passes to members of the LA Chargers’ secondary in the first half.

Despite being in different divisions and having current connections with who is on the roster, the Bolts and Bills have not been trade partners very often. In fact, in the history of both franchises, there has only been one trade.

As part of our ongoing series here at Bolt Beat, we are breaking down the best trades in LA Chargers history with all 31 other NFL teams. With only one trade between LA and Buffalo, per Pro Football Reference’s trade finder tool, it was pretty easy to pinpoint the best.

LA Chargers’ best ever trade with the Buffalo Bills:

That is right. The best trade in LA Chargers’ history with the Buffalo Bills is a trade that netted the Chargers a backup quarterback that did not even play with the team and then found himself getting benched in the XFL.

It is not like the Bills got anything in return, either. Buffalo does not even get the honor of touting a no-name seventh-round selection that they got for Cardale Jones. They literally got nothing, as the pick was not conveyed.

This was definitely a move that was fueled by the Chargers wanted a young backup that also had ties to Anthony Lynn from his days in Buffalo. Lynn seems like a really loyal guy, hence why he is so bullish on Taylor.

After being with the Chargers for two seasons, Jones spent one year on the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad before signing with the XFL and being named the DC Defenders’ starting quarterback.

Jones was not good in the XFL. He completed 54 percent of his passes for 674 yards, four touchdowns and seven interceptions in five games. No team has signed Jones since the XFL’s unfortunate folding because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is not the most exciting trade and definitely did not have the same franchise-altering impact as the best trade with the Atlanta Falcons had.

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But it was the only trade between the two sides and thus makes the list by default. At least it is a name that we know.