LA Chargers: The players that made PFF’s All-Decade Top 101 players


Several LA Chargers were recognized on Pro Football Focus’ All-Decade Top 101 list.

With the 2010 decade behind us, we have seen several football outlets give out decade awards. Pro Football Focus is the latest outlet to rank the decade’s best players and ranked the top 101 players from the 2010s. Several LA Chargers players, past and present, made the cut.

PFF is one of the most trusted and reliable sources for NFL statistics. Their advanced rating system gives NFL fans easy-to-understand statistics that can be used to compare players throughout the league.

It is safe to say that their ranking of the top 101 players of the decade is pretty reliable. The top five, in order, were Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Drew Brees, Richard Sherman and Robert Gronkowski.

But who was the highest Charger?

Past and present LA Chargers to crack the top 101:

  • Chris Harris — 12th

Chris Harris is the highest-ranked past or present LA Charger to make PFF’s All-Decade team but he did not do so with the Chargers, at all. Harris spent the entire decade with the Denver Broncos and was one of the best cornerbacks in the league during his tenure.

In fact, he is the second-highest cornerback in the top 101, trailing only Richard Sherman.

Harris is a huge new addition to the LA Chargers secondary and is going to be playing more slot corner with the Bolts, which is a position that Harris has really thrived in during his career. Charger fans should be wary with expectations, though, as Harris is in his age 31 season and is coming off the worst defensive rating and pass-coverage rating of his career.

  • Eric Weddle — 15th

The highest player that represents the Chargers did not even play on the team in the decade and the second-highest player, Eric Weddle, left the team on not-so-great terms halfway through the decade and put together several more productive seasons.

Charger fans can take solace in knowing that the best season’s of Weddle’s career came with the Chargers, though. Six of his seven-best seasons in terms of defensive rating came with the Chargers.

  • Casey Hayward — 24th

The first current Charger that also made his impact on the Chargers in the decade itself, it is a testament to just how good Casey Hayward is considering how highly ranked he is on this list.

While Hayward’s first season of his career was 2012 and he showed a lot of promise, his best days did not come until the LA Chargers signed him prior to the 2016 season and since then he has quietly been one of the best cornerbacks in the entire league.

Hayward has been the anchor of the Chargers’ secondary for four seasons now and it is safe to say that he is one of Tom Telesco’s best diamond in the rough finds.

  • Philip Rivers — 64th

Philip Rivers is the greatest quarterback in Chargers’ history and should go down as a bonafide Hall of Famer, even if he cannot win a Super Bowl in the limited number of years that he has left.

He is top-10 all-time in both passing yards and touchdowns and fought tooth and nail every single game for the Chargers for a decade and a half, no matter the situation in the game or the season. He never missed a game, even playing on a torn ACL, and it is very saddening to see him move on and join the Colts.

Rivers is the eighth-ranked quarterback on this list and if he had a better supporting cast in some of those seasons, or at least a better offensive line, he undoubtedly would have been higher.

  • Keenan Allen — 83rd

Keenan Allen is one of the best wide receivers in the league, period. He often gets overlooked in mainstream NFL media as one of the best receivers in the league but it does not get any better than his route-running and ability to create separation off the line of scrimmage.

He is not a blazing fast receiver and certainly is not some athletic marvel but he is a consistent receiver who found his health and is one of the best in the business in getting open. If Allen had Tyreek Hill speed with his route running and sure hands then he would be the best receiver in the league, hands down.

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And that is it, that is the five players from the LA Chargers, past or present, that made PFF’s top 101. Do you agree with who made the list, and who was potentially left off? Let us know in the comments below.