LA Chargers: Ranking the ceiling of the 2020 draft picks

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(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

6: Alohi Gilman, Safety

Of all of the players that the Los Angeles Chargers drafted in 2020, Alohi Gilman has the lowest ceiling.

Gilman’s ceiling in the NFL is capped by his limited range and modest speed and quickness. He simply does not have the speed to cover a large area of the field at an NFL level. He has demonstrated potential in man coverage, but he will be limited to covering less athletic tight ends and running backs.

However, Gilman has shown a good ability to diagnose run plays and shoot gaps to meet the ball carrier. At his current size, he may be susceptible to being run over by power runners, but he will have some time to work on his play strength.

Despite his low ranking here, I like what Gilman brings to the Chargers. He will instantly be a contributor on special teams, and he has the ability to become a rotational player for the Chargers. In the sixth round, that is about what you should expect to get.

5: K.J. Hill, Wide Receiver

K. J. Hill was an absolute steal by the LA Chargers in the seventh round, but fans probably need to temper their expectations of Ohio State’s leading all-time receiver.

Hill reached great heights at Ohio State through detail-oriented routes, reliable hands, and superior teammates.

These attributes make for elite college production, but more is needed to become an elite or even above-average receiver at the NFL level.

K. J. Hill lacks the top-end speed, strength, and acceleration to become an elite NFL receiver.

While comparisons to Keenan Allen are understandable, Hill’s route running does not yet compare to the elite levels of Allen. He may eventually get there in terms of route running, but it is unlikely that he can ever have the directional acceleration and strength that make Allen so lethal.

Hill’s ceiling is about at the level of average NFL wide receiver. However, Hill will immediately be better than any third receiver on the Chargers roster in 2019, and he was an absolute steal of a pick in the seventh round.