BoltBeat Roundtable: LA Chargers’ schedule release Q and A

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(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Question #3: Which stretch in the schedule seems easiest? Which seems hardest?

Devon Auriemma:

“Weeks 6 through 8 seem like the easiest. I would include the Raiders in Week 9 as well, but I think they’re a step above the other teams during this stretch. No game is easy, but out of the entire schedule, I believe this is the easiest stretch of games. The final three games of the season are the hardest for sure. They are all divisional matchups, with two on the road that could have major playoff implications.”

Steven Haglund:

“The easiest stretch of the schedule is weeks six through nine when they get the Jets, Dolphins, Jaguars and Raiders before the bye. That should give the team a good chance to build some momentum for the second half of the season. They weirdly struggle at Miami but those are some very favorable matchups for sure. The last month is the hardest and most crucial stretch”

Gary Johnson:

“I think the easiest stretch of games for the Chargers is the middle of the season, weeks 6-12. Those games seem the most winnable to me. The toughest stretch of games is between weeks 2-5. That’s the meatiest part of the schedule, and we will know early on how this team stacks up to some of the premier teams in the league.”

Alexander Insdorf:

“The Week 6-9 stretch is definitely the part of the year the Chargers have to take advantage of. Three of the four games in that stretch will be at SoFi Stadium against teams that are rebuilding for the most part.

My first takeaway from the schedule was the hardest stretch, Weeks 15-17. The Chargers laid a goose egg in divisional games last year, and they’ll have to do well in the last three games of the season if they want any shot at the playoffs.”

Jason Reed:

“I am going to vary from the staff here but I think the LA Chargers’ hardest stretch of the schedule is from Week 4 to 7. You could easily make the case for Week 2-5, as that would involve the Chiefs, but the traveling involved in Week 4-7 will make or break the Chargers’ season, I think.

They have to play the Bucs and Saints on the road in back-to-back weeks, go all the way back to LA to play the Jets and then all the way back to Miami to play in a place where they historically struggle.

The Chiefs game is tough, and I do not disagree if someone says Weeks 2-5 is the hardest. I just think Weeks 4-7 will determine who the team is in 2020.

As for the easiest, I would go with Weeks 13-15. They match up well against the Falcons, the Patriots don’t have Brady and very well could have punted the season by then and the same could be said about the Raiders.”