LA Chargers: Way-too-early 55-man roster prediction for 2020

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Quarterback (3)

The LA Chargers have usually been a two-quarterback team (except for last season), but one of the implications of having two extra roster spots is that Tom Telesco won’t have to think twice about keeping around a third quarterback.

Stick hasn’t shown a lot of promise yet, besides a few flashy plays in an otherwise bad preseason. Reports of him getting reps at safety for the scout team are also worrisome. However, I expect Telesco to keep his 5th-round draft pick from last year around to see if he can develop into the team’s long-term backup.

Offensive line (10)

Ten linemen is a lot, but with those two added roster spots, I expect Telesco to play it safe. Last year, the Chargers suffered injury after injury at the position, which severely hurt the team in their attempt to come back from a bad start.

The line will be headlined by offseason acquisitions Bulaga and Turner, with Feeney likely a guaranteed starter too, be it at center or at guard. Pipkins, Tevi and Scott will battle it out for the other tackle spot, and Lamp and Quessenberry will battle for spots on the inside too.

Pouncey is the true wildcard here, as he suffered a scary neck injury last season and he is not even a lock to make the team based on his health and age. That would leave the center position up for grabs, with Feeney or Quessenberry the likely benefactors of Pouncey’s absence. Toner is just coming in for depth and may be one of those guys who is waived after a week or two.

Roster spots used: 16/55