LA Chargers: 5 questions still surrounding the Chargers after the draft

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(Photo by Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

4. What is Denzel Perryman’s future with the team?

Denzel Perryman has been an… interesting player to root for on the LA Chargers. At times, he can be hugely impactful and could legitimately be a huge difference-maker on the defensive side of the football. At other times he can be a headache to watch and make fans scream into the abyss, whether from his play or constant injuries.

Perryman has seemingly been a candidate to get cut over the last few seasons. Despite re-working his contract, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell pegged Perryman as the most likely Charger to get cut before the season.

This year, though, it makes more sense. The Chargers have a solid linebacker group of good coverage linebackers that fits the team’s defensive identity. Potentially add Desmond King into the mix and that is just a deeper linebacker group.

More importantly, though, is the selection of Kenneth Murray. Some did not love the Chargers trading up into the first to select Murray as he was not great in pass coverage at Oklahoma and that does not fit what the Chargers typically do.

However, Murray is a hard-nosed linebacker that thrives in the one dynamic that Perryman brings to the defense when he is playing good: he has great closeout speed and excels in shooting the gaps and closing running lanes.

So what does this mean for Perryman? Do they only use him in certain situations, particularly running downs? Theoretically, this is the best way to ensure he thrives as well as keep him healthy.

Or do they simply release him to free up the money? Both are viable options and right now, Perryman’s future with the team is the most up in the air out of anyone on the roster.