LA Chargers: 5 questions still surrounding the Chargers after the draft

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(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The 2020 NFL Draft answered some pretty big questions for the LA Chargers. It gave us a better understanding of the team’s direction moving forward as well as what they value heading into the 2020 season.

It also finally gave us a definitive answer for the quarterback position. After months of speculation and debate, Charger fans got their quarterback of the future in Justin Herbert. It may have been a bit disappointing to some with Tua Tagovailoa being selected one pick earlier, but Herbert is now the guy.

There are still some questions surrounding the LA Chargers that need to be answered. Some will can be answered by the team’s actions, such as signing or releasing someone, while others will be answered once we get closer to the season and training camp begins.

Here are the five biggest questions surrounding the LA Chargers after the 2020 NFL Draft:

1. What will Scott Quessenberry’s role be in 2020?

Scott Quessenberry filled in at center for Pro Bowler Mike Pouncey and while he certainly was no Pouncey, he did really well for the Chargers, increasing his chances of having a legitimate role with the team this season.

If Pouncey is fully healthy for the season, which is not a guarantee but seems to be the expectation, then Quessenberry is going to be out of a starting job to start the season.

Now, there are two directions that Quessenberry could go. He could simply be the backup center and give the Chargers the comfort of knowing that they have a serviceable backup in store just in case anything happens to Pouncey.

Or, the team could capitalize on Quessenberry and shift him to left guard to compete for that position. Quessenberry is better than Dan Feeney and we are not sure what position Forrest Lamp will be vying for (we will get to that later), making Quessenberry the best option for left guard with Pouncey at center.

The Chargers would be sacrificing some depth in that case and if Pouncey and Quessenberry both get hurt then it could get ugly.