LA Chargers: Ranking the offenses in the AFC West by position

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(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Tight End

  1. Chiefs: Travis Kelce
  2. Chargers: Hunter Henry
  3. Raiders: Darren Waller
  4. Broncos: Noah Fant

This one was probably the easiest ranking to make without much debate. Kelce still reigns as the best tight end in the NFL, a narrative that was only bolstered by the career year he had last year.

While he came up 100 yards or so short of his previous career-high in yards, that was mostly due to the Chiefs having more mouths to feed on offense. He’s the best weapon Mahomes has and he looked more athletic to me in 2019 than he had previously. His peak years are not over yet.

Henry is in the next tier of NFL tight ends after Kelce. While he was injured earlier in the season, his blocking and receiving were pretty great when he returned. The one thing Henry could get better at is getting more separation when receiving, but that’s somewhat of a nitpick. His goal for 2020 will be to play all 16 games to get a new contract.

Waller came out of nowhere last year to be the best weapon the Raiders had. He had 90 receptions and average 12.7 yards per reception. Gruden found an athletic tight end on the roster when it seemed like his career was going nowhere in Baltimore. Waller’s in-game speed makes you almost think he’s a wideout.

Fant rounds out the four main tight ends in the division. He shouldn’t be slept on though, as he heated up in some games towards the end of last season and will be one of Lock’s prime targets.