LA Chargers: Behind Enemy Lines with Predominantly Orange

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(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Outlook for the 2020 NFL Season

Bolt Beat: “John Elway looks to be all in on Drew Lock, what are your thoughts and expectations for him after only five starts?”

Predominantly Orange: “I am all in too. I have re-watched those 5 starts like 4 times now and after every game, I fell even more into the idea. The rapport that Lock showed with Sutton and Fant is nothing but impressive. After Joe Flacco went down, I was confused about why Brandon Allen was starting instead of Lock, but now I know that it was worth the wait.

Lock will just continue to improve after the key additions of Jeudy and Hamler, and even adding more talent to his offensive line. And to top it all off, drafting his former Michigan teammate Okwuegbunam. I seriously think we have found our quarterback for the future and one that will hopefully get us back to contend for a playoff spot as soon as next season.”

Bolt Beat: “Who do you believe will have more receptions, yards and touchdowns, Keenan Allen or Sutton?”

Predominantly Orange: “Allen is going to be the safety blanket for either Herbert or Tyrod Taylor. He will be the guy that moves the chains and that clutches out those big 3rd downs. I think he will go for another 100+ receptions season, beating out Sutton in the matter. But, I think that Sutton’s explosiveness will make him reach a higher yard mark.

We saw Sutton make some unbelievable deep receptions with all 3 of the signal callers he played with last season. He will continue to out body defenders for extra yardage. I expect him to reach between 1250 and 1350 yards. And as for the touchdowns, I think Keenan will outperform Sutton for one reason and one reason only, Melvin Gordon III.

Chargers fans know that he is a touchdown machine and will vulture many red-zone opportunities as he can. I expect Keenan to have a bigger impact on the Chargers than Sutton on the Broncos by a light mark.”

Bolt Beat: “How would you rank the teams in the AFC West?”

Predominantly Orange: “Even though they didn’t have the best of offseasons, the Super Bowl champs will stay at the top. I expect the Broncos to beat the LA Chargers by a game or two, as their uncertainty on who is the best signal-caller on the roster will slow them a little bit down. The Raiders will be a much better team than last season, but they will have a hard time competing with the other 3.”

Bolt Beat: “The Broncos swept the Chargers last season, what are the odds they do that again?”

Predominantly Orange: “As much as I hope that the story repeats itself, I am not sure that will be the case. Broncos vs Chargers always turns out to be a thrilling matchup. It’s like it doesn’t matter who is coming as the strongest team, the games always turn out to be nail biters with wildcard plays going all around.

Questionable calls, missed kicks, and game-winning drives seem to be must-haves on every game. I am looking forward to the Herbert vs Lock rivalry. Two big projects going head to head trying to develop just enough to beat the biggest project of them all in Patrick Mahomes.

Broncos vs Chargers is the matchup I am looking forward to the most. Both teams had big offseasons and both teams are ready to contend for a playoff spot. I expect big plays going everywhere on the field, and both games to close out by one score. I just wish Brandon McManus brings his A-game, I know he will need it.”

You can see Broncos fans are optimistic, and who can blame them. They had a good offseason and come off a down but a promising season. The Chiefs are undoubtedly the best team in the AFC West, but with the way their roster is built, it’s likely the LA Chargers and Broncos will usurp that title in sooner rather than later.

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