LA Chargers interview: Joshua Kelley reveals favorite Charger and more


Joshua Kelley sat down with Bolt Beat for a quick chat after being selected in the fourth round by the LA Chargers.

Football fans in Los Angeles know him from his time as a Bruin at UCLA, but now all NFL fans should get to know Joshua Kelley. The new running back for the LA Chargers was able to answer some questions I had for him:

Alexander Insdorf: What was your draft experience like over the course of the week?Joshua Kelley: “Amazing! Spent the time with my family and close friends. It was absolutely fantastic.”AI: Do you think playing at the FCS level first prepared you better for pro football in any way?JK: “FCS and FBS were both great levels. Both prepared me very well for the future.”AI: How does it feel to be staying in LA?JK: “Like a dream come true. Being from the area and a Southern California native it’s surreal and a blessing.”AI: What do you think about playing with Austin Ekeler?JK: “He’s such a phenomenal player, I’m juiced and excited to help contribute in any way possible.”AI: What was the predraft process like? How confident did you feel without a pro day?JK: “It went by fast but it was thrilling. I felt confident due to my Senior Bowl and combine performances.”AI: How would you describe your game and style of play to NFL fans who haven’t watched you at UCLA?JK: “I’m a tough, physical runner who gets north and south. Falls forward and overall consistent runner.”AI: What was your favorite experience in and around college football?JK: “Playing against USC was an amazing atmosphere and definitely my favorite experience at UCLA.”AI: Do you have a favorite Charger or favorite NFL player that you’ve modeled your game after?JK: “Favorite Charger was LT. Some of my favorite players I loved to watch were Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders.”AI: I know you were able to meet Reggie Bush last year in his role as a Fox analyst. What kind of pointers did he give you?JK: “Reggie Bush was awesome! He told me to detail my footwork and focus on speed and technique.”AI: What’s your biggest goal in your first year as a Charger?JK: “Make the active roster. Contribute to my team on the field. Win rookie of the year.”AI: Most importantly, which new Chargers jersey are you excited to wear?JK: “All of the new jerseys look sweet! Excited to wear the classic powder blue jersey and white pants the most.”

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Thanks again to Joshua Kelley for sitting down with us for this interview. I’m excited to see how he ends up fitting into the LA Chargers running back rotation in 2020. Fans can go follow Kelley on Twitter @smoothplayJK and on Instagram @joshua_kelley_.