BoltBeat roundtable: Grading the 2020 Los Angeles Chargers Draft

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(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

Question #4: How would you grade the draft for the Chargers?

Devon Auriemma: B

“Overall, this was a solid draft for the Los Angeles Chargers. They took their future franchise quarterback, were aggressive for Murray, got Herbert some weapons and added depth on defense. All of these draft picks have the opportunity to make an immediate impact in one way or another.”

Tyler Gallagher: B

“When we look back at this draft in three years, the success or failure of Justin Herbert will determine the Chargers draft grade.

I am optimistic about his physical and mental traits but am frightened by his inability go through his progressions at the college level. That will only get harder in the NFL. Fortunately, he will have an excellent team to learn from and a good bridge quarterback ahead of him to provide time to learn. This pick was a reach,but it has a decent chance to pay off.

The Murray pick was excellent but it compromised the team’s ability to address key positions of need later in the draft. Despite not filling all of their needs, this draft gets a solid B since each of the players selected are good players with the ability to stick in the NFL and make an impact for the Los Angeles Chargers in the years to come.

Both wide receivers can make an impact early. Gilman was a good value despite a logjam at the position. Kelley will be impactful when he gets touches. Lastly, Murray and Herbert set the Chargers offense and defense for the foreseeable future.”

Gary Johnson: A-

“There was plenty of better secondary prospects available that could have been selected before Gilman. Telesco’s obsession with certain Golden Domers continues to confuse me. Other than that, I loved the players that were picked.”

Nicholas Buttacavoli: B+

Alexander Insdorf: B

“By now, BoltBeat readers know I’m not particularly high on Herbert. Personally, I would’ve preferred Isaiah Simmons with the sixth pick. However, the Chargers fixed the linebacker problem in the same round by trading up for Murray. Getting the quarterback of the future and a new number one linebacker in the same round was pretty savvy.

Kelley and Gilman were both questionable picks in terms of their value. While they’re likable prospects, the Chargers could’ve waited on a running back and I would’ve preferred a cornerback over a safety. Due credit has to go to Telesco on day three with the selections of Reed and Hill though. They both seem like great weapons for a receiver group that was desperately in need of an influx of talent behind Allen and Williams.”

Jason Reed: B

“They made the pick they had to make with Herbert and I really liked the team trading a third-round pick up for Kenneth Murray. Unless you really liked Josh Jones (which again, I don’t see the point in taking another third-round tackle) then the Los Angeles Chargers did not really miss out on much with that pick.

On paper, this should yield good results, but again, I am in “wait and see” mode with Herbert. The one thing that could have propelled this to an A for me is if Tua Tagovailoa fell past the Dolphins.”

Brandon Viera: B/B+

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Thanks to all of the writers who participated in this roundtable. Personally, I’m very thankful to have covered the draft for BoltBeat for a third straight year! Let us know your thoughts on the draft below as well as your expectations for how some of the rookies will perform. Also, follow and reach out to our writers on twitter if you want to talk Los Angeles Chargers with them!