Chargers News: Fans react to selecting Joseph Reed in fifth round


The LA Chargers continued an interesting draft and selected wide receiver Joseph Reed out of Virginia with the 112th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. This definitely was surprising Chargers news for most fans.

Reed is not someone who popped up a lot on Chargers mock draft heading into the draft and was projected to go later in the draft. However, the Chargers obviously like what he brings to the table as a dedicated slot receiver and explosive kick-returner.

There is some potential there that is easy to get excited about, and I for one know that I am going to buy his jersey the second it becomes available (he’s got a great last name). Not all fans are excited, however.

Chargers News: Fan reactions to the Chargers selecting Joseph Reed:

Most fans knew that the Chargers were likely going to go receiver with this selection, especially after foregoing the position in the fourth round for Joshua Kelley. However, it was the choice of receiver that some fans did not agree with.

James Proche is WR and he is on the board and they didn't take him. So not happy

— PROCHE SZN (@gotnba) April 25, 2020

There was some good names on the board that they passed up, Johnson, Cephus, Peoples-Jones. But at least its a WR

— Jeremiah Geiger⚡ (@jgeigerselva) April 25, 2020

James Proche has had a bit of a following heading into the draft as being one of the best potential sleepers that could be selected. Donovan Peoples-Jones is the receiver that most fans probably expected, as he was one of the best receivers available heading into day three and many thought he would be taken in the fourth round.

Some fans wanted to see the Chargers select a cornerback, which definitely has to be the favorite for the team’s next selection. One of the best (if not the best) corneback prospects that was still available was Bryce Hall.

Why not Bryce Hall ??‍♂️

— Shayne (@bassuniKorn) April 25, 2020

Hall is a prototypical outside corner and would fit perfectly into what the Chargers need in the secondary.

Some fans simply did not know who he was.


— ⚡️LABoltzFan⚡️ (@LABoltzfan) April 25, 2020

However, there is a lot to get excited about with Reed, especially his highlight-reel kick and punt returns that is going to have an undeniable impact on the Chargers’ special teams right away.

He’s a kick return specialist. I just watched some highlights. A solid pick. ⚡️

— Tank “The Shredder” Evans (@NAN3rd) April 25, 2020

Some fans took it a bit far, saying that Reed is better than the best receivers in the draft. C’mon, guys!

It appears that most fans either love the selection or do not know who Reed is. For those that have already watched highlights and know who he is, this is a great selection with a lot of potential as the team’s WR3.

I love it, he was Virginias BEST offensive player. He's so good with the ball in his hands. Great pick.

— ⚡BOLTDOWN⚡ (@Lights83) April 25, 2020

It will be interesting to see how the Chargers use Reed in his rookie season. He is raw in some areas (be sure to check out our grades and analysis articles that will be posted) but has the athleticism to thrive in a team where he is going to get favorable matchups as the fifth pass-catching option.

How do you feel about the Joseph Reed selection?

— Bolt Beat (@BB_Chargers) April 25, 2020

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