Chargers News: Fans react to selecting UCLA’s Joshua Kelley


After a day off, the Los Angeles Chargers news mill is back up and running with the 2020 NFL Draft and with the team’s first selection on day three, the Chargers selected running back Joshua Kelley out of UCLA.

This certainly was an interesting pick for the Chargers as while running back was a need, it was not viewed as a big enough need to use a fourth-round pick on, especially with all of the talent still on the board.

We are going to reserve the analytical breakdown of this selection for our reaction and grade article for the selection, but it is safe to say that most Charger fans were shocked and confused by the selection.

Chargers News: Fans react to selecting Joshua Kelley:

As we have with all of the picks, we went to Twitter and asked our followers to tell us how they felt about the Chargers selecting Joshua Kelley with the 112th overall pick. The responses are easily the most mixed of any selection thus far.

A lot of the responses point out other holes that the LA Chargers have on the roster that they could have addressed in the fourth round, such as WR3, which according to some, was a black hole for the team last year.

How are we OK with having a black hole behind Keenan and mike

— ShmackerBen (@callhimbenbacon) April 25, 2020

It is hard to argue with that logic. There was virtually no production from WR3 last season and while the team has pass-catching weapons in Austin Ekeler and Hunter Henry, the receiving depth is alarming.

Some are pointing out the need at the offensive line, especially with prospects like Ben Bartch available, as well as fact that Trent Williams was just traded to the 49ers for a fifth and future third.

Where's our left tackle

— GlassCannon (@IllGiveYouACola) April 25, 2020

Bartch was drafted four picks later by the Jacksonville Jaguars. It appears as if the Chargers are confident in Trey Pipkins.

It is not that running back wasn’t a need, but with Austin Ekeler’s extension and the team’s success with late-round and undrafted running backs, many simply expected to see this position selected later in the draft, which is absolutely fair.

Some fans liked the selection, though. Kelley is a solid running back, that is without question, the concern for some is when he was taken. That does not matter to others.

Solid player. Great compliment out the gate and flashes of being something more down the road. Size and physicality.

— Daniel Elkin (@boltsbaloo) April 25, 2020

The Chargers definitely will have a dangerous running game with Ekeler, Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelley. That is at least exciting.

People complained about speed on this team… We draft a RB that ran 4.49 40, actually looks for the gaps and has been a beast .

On top of that… Y'all think we still running the safe offense now with Taylor/Herbert that we did Rivers?Our team is faster losing Riv.

— Holden Sanchez (@yellowdaredeviI) April 25, 2020

However, at the end of the day, there are so many solid running backs that could have been the change of pace back that the Chargers need that could have been selected later. Perhaps they are not as confident in Austin Ekeler being an every-down back? Who knows, we will get a better idea when Tom Telesco and Anthony Lynn give their interviews about the selections.

How do you feel about the Joshua Kelley selection?

— Bolt Beat (@BB_Chargers) April 25, 2020

For now, just let us know what you think about the Chargers news by voting on the Twitter poll above as well as leaving a comment.